Perfectly recognizes patient shade and has virtual bleaching technology

Displays real time full teeth restorations

Predictive 3D silhouette mapping of the patient

Software comes packed with the 150-200 most common smiles

Welcome to the future of dentistry.

Changing the landscape of dentistry and orthodontics one smile at a time.

Janus is an augmented reality dentist software that makes adjustments to a patient’s smile & features. It shows patients and dentist in real time exactly what their mouth will look like post procedure.  


Janus uses computer learning technology to recognize exactly where the mouth is and then replaces the patients mouth with a three dimensional overlay masked behind their lips. Not only does it recognize the mouth itself, but also can distinguish out the 150-200 most common smiles to see which one is the perfect fit for the patient. The 3D overlay then matches the natural curvature of each arch to combine it into a natural smile. Janus digitally transforms the patients mouth to continually move with them as the patient moves. Thus, giving the effect that the procedure has already been done. 

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Keep your patients smiling!

Janus adds a fun new twist to dentistry

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Personalized patient care is what sets most dentists and orthodontist apart.Janus makes patients feel more comfortable while entrusting the dentist to proceed with restorations.This will be achieved by patients getting a real feel for realtime, real-world restorations. Thus creating a great relationship between patients and dentists. Janus is taking away the bad ideology of going to the dentist. Interaction will be at an all time high between patients and dentist with the Janus software. It’s giving patients an opportunity to get excited about the restoration that the dentist/orthodontist may suggest.

Augmented reality dentist software

Real time restoration change

Janus’ augmented reality dental software has the ability to not only recognize the patients mouth, but also resize the height, width, thickness, and curvature of their teeth all together dynamically.

On top of the ability to change the landscape of the patients mouth the software also comes with 3D silhouette mapping and planning to predict the exact procedure that the patient should undergo. Its predictability is truly on the cutting edge.

Virtual Dentition

Janus comes packed with automatic facial analysis, translucency simulation, true color recognition, and 3D virtual mockups to ensure the patient gets the best bang for their buck.

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We promised to take care… and delivered

  • We absolutely love Janus and the wonderful people that work there. Matt was an absolute delight to work with! We give Janus 10 thumbs up. If you don't have it yet, get it! Your business simply isn't operating at its full potential without it.
    Jane Clark Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • At first I was very weary of if my patients would even like this product. I wasn't sure if the software would really be all that it is cracked up to be. I can honestly say I am so happy that I made the decision to purchase Janus. It has made the sales process 100X easier for me and my employees. Thank you for everything that you've done for me and my private practice.
    Gordon Stein Chicago, Illinois
  • Janus has really helped my patients get a better understanding of their final restorations. The process is simple and easy. My employees and I haven't had any trouble picking up on how to use Janus. We would like to thank you and your staff for what you've helped us accomplish and we plan to tell all our associates to get Janus as well!
    Sandra Chen Los Angeles, California