Frequently Asked Questions

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.

What is Janus?

Janus is an augmented reality dentistry software that utilizes modern technology to show patients in real time what their dental work will look like after it is complete.

What does Janus do for the patient?

Janus allows patients to visualize how incredible their smile could be and encourages them to move forward with the procedures their dentist recommends.

Can kids use Janus?

Yes! Janus is a product that will give teens and children an opportunity to have fun and interact with the dentist.

What does Janus do for the Dentist?

Not only will Janus give the Doctor the most cutting edge modern technology in dentistry by giving their patients an image in real time as to what the final restorations would look like, but it’s a game changer for potential increases to your businesses revenue allowing you to help more patients and improve your overall quality of business. 

How much does it cost?

Janus offers competitive pricing models depending on the time frame of the licensing purchased.

What does Janus do for laboratories?

Janus can benefit the labs in many different ways.  Janus reduces the amount of remakes being sent to the lab.  Janus gives technicians an idea of the patients facial features and can minimize the amount of photos being generated between the Dentist and the Lab.  Janus will greatly speed up and expedite the process and reduce the number of cases that sit on hold due to poor quality or lacking photos.  Janus primarily helps the lab move toward a more efficient and modern process in comparison to the outdated smile composer or diagnostic wax mock up.

How can technicians use Janus?

The Janus team will send out a user specialist to help instruct and demonstrate how to use the software.

How do we know the lab's final restorations will mirror the janus images presented to the patient?

Janus is able to communicate directly with any lab that has the software contracted and licensed.

Can Janus be used to show the patient their natural teeth in a different shade?

Yes! Janus has shade tabs that range from OM1-3M4. (In comparison to Vita 3D Master Shade Guide)

Can Janus be used in the posterior?

Currently Janus is designed to show pre-op anterior restorations only. However the company will be implementing posterior restorations in the near future.

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